LCMS Elections Explained

The nomination and election process for officers and board members of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (hereafter LC-MS) is similar in some ways to how officers and board members are nominated and elected in most LC-MS congregations. There is a nomination committee, called the “Committee for Convention Nominations” (hereafter CCN). There is a nomination period during which any member of an LC-MS congregation can nominate any qualified member of an LC-MS congregation for the open positions. Finally, there are the official ballots of nominees, the actual voting at the convention, and the induction into office in September following the convention.

Where this gets complicated and confusing is in the “variations on the theme.” Each type of office has its own nomination and election procedure:  1) the synodical president; 2) first vice-president; 3) regional vice-presidents; 4) regional members of the LC-MS Board of Directors and the two “Mission Boards”; and 5) the secretary and the rest of the members of boards and commissions. 

For this upcoming convention, the Secretary of Synod, Dr. John Sias, has provided a very helpful set of guidelines for nominations and elections that explains the whole process and its variations here:   We highly encourage you, and every member of the synod, to become familiar with these guidelines, so that you can make on-time and valid nominations of qualified candidates for the good of our beloved synod.