THE UNITED LIST – For Congregational Nominations – 2023 LCMS Convention

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PRESIDENT – [nominations by all congregations]

Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison* (MO)

2nd candidates: Rev. Benjamin T. Ball (SI), Rev. Chris Esget (EN), or Rev. Peter Lange (MO)

FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT – [nominations by all congregations]

Rev. Peter K. Lange* (MO)

2nd candidate: Rev. Dr. Lucas V. Woodford (MNS)

SECRETARY – [nominations submitted by individuals]

Rev. Dr. John W. Sias* (MO)

REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENTS – [nominations by congregations of each region] 

Central:  Rev. Benjamin T. Ball* (SI)

2nd candidate:  Rev. Jason M. Braaten (CI)

East-Southeast:  Rev. Christopher S. Esget* (EN – resides in Virginia)

2nd candidate: Rev. Luke T. Zimmerman (EN – resides in Pennsylvania)

Great Lakes:  Rev. Dr. John C. Wohlrabe, Jr.* (SW)

2nd candidate: Rev. David P. Ramirez (SW)

Great Plains:  Rev. Nabil S. Nour* (SD)

2nd candidate: Rev. David C. Mumme (MNS)

West-Southwest:  Rev. Dr. Scott Murray* (TX)

2nd candidate: Rev. Dr. Alfonso O. Espinosa, Sr. (PSW)

*indicates incumbent

We believe that each incumbent listed has served faithfully in his present position and we encourage congregations to nominate each of them for re-election. Because congregations may submit two nominations for Synod President, Synod First Vice President, and Regional Vice President, we are also listing additional recommended candidates for consideration by those congregations wishing to make two nominations.